In The News: ‘The Square’ Is A Must-See

Photo: Screenshot from The Square trailer

In the News

In The News: ‘The Square’ Is A Must-See

Earlier this year, Swedish director Ruben Östlund took home a top prize for his film “The Square” at the Cannes Film Festival. NPR dubs the film as “edgy” in this recent review, which dives deep into the main character’s charm and self-centeredness.

“The Square” was released in the United States on October 27. See the official trailer here.

Also in the news…

Live like a Swedish NHL player

Carolina Hurricanes center and Swedish native Marcus Kruger put his Chicago condo located on the Gold Coast on the market, according to Chicago Tribune.  The three-bedroom, two-bath, top-floor unit is listed for $859,000 and is complete with French doors, vintage crown moldings a private balcony and much more. 

Swedish scooter is sleek, silent and FAST

Former communications executive Rickard Bröms left his job to build a fast, convenient and inexpensive scooter. His first run of his Vessla scooters (he only produced 100) sold out in just a few weeks. Bröms now has multiple investors to help build his scooter company, according to Business Insider Nordic.

How Sweden aids laid-off residents

Any working man or woman’s biggest fear might be getting laid off – left to worry about how to pay the mortgage, feed the children and more. But, in Sweden the Trygghetsrådet (TTR) exists to help individuals in these types of situations. The TTR is a job-security council employers pay into that helps recently laid off employees. Services include career counseling and financial support, according to The Atlantic.

Swedish entrepreneurs on top

Fredrik Eklund made a name for himself as a real estate agent in New York, and Daniel Ek is known worldwide for launching Spotify. Business Insider Nordic recently included them and 38 more Swedish entrepreneurs on the rise and making a name for themselves in the United States.

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