The Soothing Effects of Swedish Massage

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The Soothing Effects of Swedish Massage

What could be more calming than a warm, quiet room with the aroma of lavender peacefully blanketing you as you slowly inhale and exhale? Getting a massage on top of all that goodness, that’s what.

Chances are if you walk into any spa, you’ll find Swedish massage on the menu.

There are many benefits of Swedish massage, but the primary purpose of this style of massage is to soothe and relax by increasing circulation and helping to oxygenate blood flow.

Massage Envy promotes its Swedish massage offering by referencing a study from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, which showed that it helped lower cortisol levels, your body’s natural stress hormone. Swedish massage also is used to alleviate muscle tension and help people recover after injury.

The four common techniques used in Swedish massage that aid in the muscle and pain relief process include: smooth, gliding strokes (effleurage); rolling, kneading motions (petrissage); circular rubbing (friction) and short tapping motions made with curled hands and fingers (tapotement).

Additionally, Livestrong points out a variety of studies connecting the Swedish style of massage to a mélange of benefits like reducing headaches, providing relief from carpal tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia and helping to reduce knee arthritis, among other things.

As with any type of massage, be sure to have an open dialog with your massage therapist. Massage should be a relaxing, mind/body experience. Communicate your pressure preferences and what your goals are for massage.

Now relax and enjoy your 60 (or 90) minutes of calming, soothing, Swedish massage.

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