Some Of Sweden’s Sickest Soccer Moments

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Some Of Sweden’s Sickest Soccer Moments

There are some folks here who are still reeling from last year’s FIFA World Cup, when Sweden’s national team defied the group of death and made it to the quarterfinals. And as we gear up for the ladies to hit the world stage early next week and (hopefully) do the same thing, we’ve pulled together some stellar soccer moments from some of Sweden’s greatest players.

Zlatan’s best goal ever?

A bicycle kick from about 30 yards out? Yeah, we’re impressed.

One of the original greats

Gunnar Nordahl is an original. He’s best known for playing with AC Milan, from 1949 to 1956, when he would earn and hold the all-time scoring record for the team until he was dethroned in 2012.

Nothing like a hat trick

Building up to this year’s FIFA World Cup, Mimmi Larsson scored a hat trick during an Algarve Cup match vs. Switzerland (here’s a reminder that Sweden and Switzerland aren’t the same thing).

Loaner set up by an All-Star

Henrik Larsson was on loan to Manchester United for a mere three months, but in his debut for the club, Wayne Rooney set him up for a stellar goal.

It’s not all about the goal scorers

Obviously, someone has to guard the net, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t include legendary goalkeeper Thomas Ravelli into the mix. Ravelli helped Sweden advance in the 1994 World Cup during a shootout with Romania. We love the drama of this clip.

Fancy footwork

Kosovare Asllani has played for her fair share of clubs in some of the world’s biggest soccer leagues. There was a little bit of drama during one of her earlier appearances for Sweden’s national team in the 2011 World Cup, but with her on the roster this year, we’re hoping for more goals like this one.

Good luck Sweden. We’ve got our eyes on you.

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