Sockerbit Taste Test: The Sweet Edition

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Sockerbit Taste Test: The Sweet Edition

In our latest taste-test installment here at Umgås, we take a look at some of the sweeter offerings from Sockerbit.

This time, we recruited a staffer who’s admittedly “not really a huge candy guy,” though he did say he indulged in the occasional snack of gummy bears.

We may be responsible for a few blood-sugar spikes, but he took his time because candy taste testing is a marathon, not a sprint. The results were honest, unbiased, and did we say honest?

What he liked…

Citrus Eggs

“These are my favorite so far. Nice tartness, could definitely eat a handful of those. Remind me of good quality gummy bears, like Black Forest.”

Cola Bottles

“There’s a hint of cola ‘spice’ that gets stronger as you chew. Swedish fish-like texture. Very accurate flavoring, and the most interesting candy out of all I’ve tried on this list so far.”

Lingonberry Bubs

“This one is very subtle, and the lingonberry top part starts to meld with the marshmallow and make a really nice/sweet/subtle marshmallow flavor. Definitely more marshmallow than lingonberry.”

Exotic Fruit Mix

“The orange cluster was delicious. Tangy and juicy with a perfect ratio of sweetness/tartness. The yellow is not as good, has a pretty underwhelming taste. The ovular orange shape is pretty tart, better than the yellow. Oddly dry on the outside, though. The green slice is good, very uniform flavor and amount of chewiness.”

What he didn’t like…

Social Candy

“Bad texture, bad flavor, gets worse as you chew. Can’t imagine ever craving one of these things.”

Jelly Mice

“Not a big fan of this one. The mouse idea is kind of weird, and the taste is harder to understand than it is to simply enjoy. Not sure if it’s the malic acid, carnaubawax or glazing agents that give it such an odd flavor profile.”

Raspberry Boats

“Significantly more dry than other candies, and mouthfeel gets more and more chalky as you chew. Somewhat tart flavor, but the tartness doesn’t mask the medicine-like quality of the main flavor. Maybe I don’t like candy as much as I thought I did.”

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