Sockerbit Taste Test: The Sour Edition

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Sockerbit Taste Test: The Sour Edition

After assigning (aka tormenting) one of our writers with a licorice taste test, we thought we’d let her try out something a little more pleasant to her sweet tooth.

She sampled a variety of sour candies from Sockerbit’s associated sour mix. While we’re worried about her next dentist appointment, we’ve been told she didn’t do all the tasting in one sitting.

Pinky Skulls

“The website says raspberry and rose, but I wouldn’t have identified the rose if I didn’t read the description. This was tasty, not too sour.”

Watermelon Sticks

“I love watermelon candy. And this had a really cool texture, the interior practically melted away.”


Blueberry Skulls

“You can’t go wrong with a berry gummy, honestly. These were delicious.”


Violet Raspberry Romb

“These were cute, and they seemed to be like a cross between a gummy and a marshmallow. They were a little fluffier. Good flavor.”

Soda Pops

“Oh, my goodness, these are so good! They taste JUST LIKE lemon-lime soda, which is funny, since they’re blue – OH! But green and yellow make blue. Nevermind, love this.”


Sour Mini Pacifiers

These were one of the more sour candies I tried, but the pucker feeling only lasted a second or two, then, pure fruity, gummy goodness.”

Sour Viking

“See above – this was a very similar tasting experience to the Sour Mini Pacifiers. Swedish candy comes in such fun shapes!”


Sour Skulls

“I grabbed a green one, but I can’t really discern a particular flavor. Just sour, then sweet.”


Sour Lips

“I had yellow lips, and I think these do taste like lemon.”

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