Which Famous Skarsgård Is Your Soulmate?

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Which Famous Skarsgård Is Your Soulmate?

You know them, and you love them. They are one of Sweden’s most talented families when it comes to the screen. They are dashedly handsome. They are the Skarsgårds.

A question we ask ourselves at least once a day is “Which Skarsgård is our one, true soulmate?” Abso-friggen-lutely Alexander? Suave Stellan? Baby Bill? Gorgeously bald Gustaf? We created a quiz to answer this age-old question. (Yes, there are more Skarsgårds, but for the sake of the quiz, play along with these four.) Keep track of your answers, and scroll to the bottom for results.



#1. You’re headed to a dinner party. You throw on:

#2. What is your favorite neutral color?

#3. In a past life, you were definitely:

#4. Go-to insult?

#5. Pick a street style.

#6. What is your secret talent?

#7. What did you want to be when you grew up?

#8. Put a hat on. You’d choose:


Mostly A’s:

Bill Skarsgård is your soulmate.


Mostly B’s:

Stellan Skarsgård is your soulmate.

Mostly C’s:

Alexander Skarsgård is your soulmate.

Mostly D’s:

Gustaf Skarsgård is your soulmate.

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