Skål to 2017, Hallå to 2018

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Skål to 2017, Hallå to 2018

We did it, another year in the bag here at Umgås Magazine.

This year, we’ve published an article a day, covering everything from food, music, design, sports, business and more. We’ve featured interviews with amazing chefs and entrepreneurs, and we’ve rounded up our thoughts and feelings, expressed using gifs and memes.

After hearing your thoughts from our readership survey and on social media, we promise to continue to bring you the best Swedish-American lifestyle content. We’ve even pulled together our New Year’s resolutions so you can hold us accountable in 2018.

As we move into our third year of Swedish-American storytelling, please continue to share your thoughts with us. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, sign up for our newsletter or hit us up with story ideas at

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