Six Swedish Flowers and Plants

Mountain avens; Photo via michael clarke stuff

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Six Swedish Flowers and Plants

Photo via Magnus Manske
Mullein; Photo via Magnus Manske

Sweden is blessed with a multitude of flowers, shrubs and trees. Not only do these plants thrive in that country, but they’re also highly prized by plant lovers throughout the rest of the world. Here are some of our favorites.


Known as a hardy plant that will grow in the driest and most inhospitable places, mullein, or Kungsljus in Swedish, produces a high, straight and relatively stiff stem that ends with a long, narrow and very colorful flower sprout. In fact, in the spring, these plants can be seen in every fjord in Sweden. Not too bad for a plant that is often considered a weed.

Swedish flower
Smörboll; Photo: SehLax


As beautiful as it is disgusting to smell, this flowering plant is somewhat of an anomaly. It attracts bees with its color but can only be pollinated by flies. To that end, it has a particularly offensive odor redolent of rotten flesh. Small flies then finish the pollinating deed that more traditional bees are loath to do.

Swedish flower
Mountain avens; Photo: Susan Serna

Mountain avens

These evergreen dwarf shrubs are recognized by Swedes as Fjällsippa. Another plant that grows in dry, inhospitable areas, it can be identified by the long, white or cream-colored flowers that protrude from the green undergrowth that is more typical of this plant. Use this plant in those hard-to-plant areas – be sure to keep it watered – as it is a marvel of survival.

Swedish flower
Chickweed; Photo: fi:Käyttäjä:kompak


With delicate white flowers and a long slender stem, this flower known as Skogsstjärna is a redoubtable addition to any garden. Chickweed earns its name as one of the hardiest plants available, whether it is placed in strong sunlight or in the deepest shade. Use it to fill in those hard-to-cultivate places, and you won’t be disappointed.

Swedish flower
Swedish Ivy; Photo via Mokkie

Swedish Ivy

This ivy is one of the easiest to grow indoors or out: it needs almost no attention to thrive. Just water it on a regular basis, and place it where it will get some sun, and you will be rewarded with a thriving plant in as little as three weeks. Once mature, it does require a trellis or some other support to keep on growing.

Swedish flower
Cornflower; Photo: Kiran Jonnalagadda


This vibrant blue flower is both beautiful and a nuisance. By most accounts, it is a weed but a most attractive one. Plant it at your own discretion as it can rapidly get out of hand. We recommend using it in dry, hard-scrabble areas where almost nothing else will grow.

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