Six Toys with Swedish Influences to Snag This Christmas

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Six Toys with Swedish Influences to Snag This Christmas

Still looking for something to get the kiddos for Christmas?

We’ve rounded up a handful of toys and gifts with Swedish influences. God Jul!

Tomte Hugo from Sockerbit

Our favorite spot for Swedish candies also carries seasonal gifts, including this Jultomte, the Swedish version of Santa Claus.

Kinetic Sand from WABA Fun

WABA Fun is a toymaker based in Sweden and the United States that features all kinds of imaginative items. We like its Kinetic Sand, which can be found at major retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Kohl’s.

Swedish Chef Plush from Disney

We know the Swedish Chef of Muppets fame riles some Swedes, but the plush version makes a fun addition for the aspiring chef in your family.

Viking Vehicles and Boats from Viking Toys

Viking Toys is another Swedish toymaker, focusing on toys for children 1-to-5 years old. We like the Vehicles & Boats bucket set that you can find on Amazon or at International Playthings.

SAAB Gripen Model from DeAgostini

We wrote about the latest Gripen…now you can get a model of the Saab JAS 39 Gripen.

Dala Horse Storage Container from ECOHIP

Now, you need somewhere to put all those toys. How about this Dala Horse storage container, which gets great reviews on Amazon.


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