Six Swedish Children’s Authors You Need To Check Out

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Six Swedish Children’s Authors You Need To Check Out

Ulf Nilsson's The Best singer int he worldEven in an era where story books are less of something you hold, smell and flip through and more of something you tap through on an iPad, there’s something nostalgic and magical about a paperback book. If you have kids and are still a believer in sitting down and reading a good ol’ fashioned book, here are some Swedish children’s authors you should check out. It’ll be a good excuse to get a library card.

Ulf Nilsson

Ulf Nilsson is an award-winning children’s writer who has published more than 100 books. In addition to his Detective Gordon stories, which chronicles a toad detective, he’s also written books like, “The Best Singer in the World,” “All the Dear Little Animals,” and “Goodbye, Mr. Muffin,” a story that deals with acceptance and death of a family pet – for which Nilsson received Sweden’s most prestigious literary award, the August Prize.

Jujja and Tomas Wieslander

This husband and wife duo are the creators of the literary character Mamma Moo, which has been expanded into more than a dozen different stories. Mamma Moo, if you couldn’t guess, is a cow, and she likes to do anything a human can do. “Mamma Moo Goes Down a Slide” is one of her stories that has been translated into English.

Ulf Stark

Ulf Stark is an award-winning Swedish author and screenwriter. He’s won the August Prize, as well as the Nordic Children’s Book Prize. Stark is best known for his book, “Can You Whistle, Johanna,” which was translated into many languages, including English. Stark passed away earlier this year.

Pernilla StalfeltPernilla Stalfelt's The Death Book

Pernilla Stalfelt is a Swedish author and illustrator who helps families tackle the tough conversations through her stories. Her spunky illustrations appear on the covers of books you just want to pick up and flip through. Some of her titles include, “The Death Book,” “The Love Book,” and “The Poop Book” – which sounds like a funny conversation if you ask us.

Mats Strandberg and Sara Bergmark Elfgren

If you’re looking for something for the older kids, look to Mats Strandberg and Sara Bergmark Elfgren’s “The Circle.” Teenage girls, evil spirits, witches…this book has it all. It’s the first book in the Engelsfors trilogy – which received such positive reviews, it was nominated for an August Prize.

Astrid Lindgren

And no Swedish author list could be complete without the pioneer of Swedish children’s literature – Astrid Lindgren, the author of our favorite adventurer, Pippi Longstocking. We’d put money on it that children around the world could tell you who Pippi is. Thanks Astrid for creating such an amazing character!

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