Six Must-See Destinations in Sweden

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Six Must-See Destinations in Sweden

We’re preaching to the choir when we say Sweden is a country filled with unique places for travelers.

Between the vibrant cities and the beautiful landscapes, there’s a wealth of things to see, visit and taste. In a country the size of California, you can witness the midnight sun and the Northern Lights, ice hotels, mountain skiing, and so much more.

Here’s a brief list of places you need to experience when you go to Sweden.

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Fårö Island

Located in the Baltic Sea, Fårö is an island off of Gotland, and is a popular summer resort and destination for Swedes and tourists alike. Wonder what those weird-looking rocks are? They’re the result of erosion during the Ice Age.


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Jukkasjärvi is home to Sweden’s popular Icehotel. Home to 20 suites, the hotel has an art gallery and a bar, and at certain times of the year, guests have a front row view of the Northern Lights.


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If you’re feeling up for the challenge, head to the Swedish Lapland – just 150 miles north of the Arctic Circle and head to Kebnekaise. Home to the highest mountain peak in the country, Kebnekaise is the ideal Swedish travel destination for hiking enthusiasts.


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Speaking of the Swedish Lapland, it is one of the most untouched wildernesses in Sweden, and the village of Abisko is considered to have the best conditions in the world to witness the Northern Lights, which can be seen from August to March.


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Marstrand is a seaside town on the island of Marstrandsön and is known for its annual sailing race, the Match Cup Sweden, and the 18th-century Carlsten Fort, which now is home to the Strandverket Art Museum.


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Drottningholm Palace

If you’re going to Sweden, it’s only polite to pay a visit to the Royals, right? Built in the late 16th century, Drottningholm Palace is the private residence of the Swedish royal family and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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