Six Amazingly Peculiar Giant Statues In Sweden

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Six Amazingly Peculiar Giant Statues In Sweden

Comedian Al Pitcher did us all a favor. His new film “Big in Sweden” (spring 2019) highlights all of the… big things in Sweden.

And there are quite a few things to highlight: from the Mjölby roundabout, which features a giant potato statue smack dab in the middle of it, to Thorbjörn Holmlund’s brainchild, the world’s largest moose, which will function as an art gallery, restaurant and conference space.

There certainly are several endearingly large statues in Sweden, and we eagerly await spring 2019 to hear their stories in “Big in Sweden.” In the meantime, here are six of our favorites.

World’s Largest Bandy Stick (plus a chair and skis)

Location: Edsbyn, Sweden

Potato Roundabout

Location: Mjölby, Sweden

Cheese Slicer

Location: Ånäset, Sweden

Wooden Train Inspector

Location: Linköping Central Station in Linköping, Sweden

Water Tower / Massive Block of Cheese

Location: Boxholm, Sweden

World’s Largest Moose Attraction

Location: In progress; the top of Mount Vithatten in Vasterbotten, Sweden

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