Singing from the soul with Stockholm’s ALVA

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Singing from the soul with Stockholm’s ALVA

Grab your feelings and some wine, and stream ALVA’s new EP. Right now.

The Swedish songstress’ heart is on her sleeve, and she’ll tug at yours with tunes about heartbreak, romance and lovesick affairs. At just over 20 minutes with only six songs, ALVA’s Love for Losers EP strikes a chord. Some of her tracks, which have videos on YouTube include “Let Her Go” and “Rule You.”

“We lost our senses in our heartbeats,” she sings in the title-track, her voice echoing over powerful drum beats. “So please, leave love, let me be.”

While “älva” is Swedish for fairy or elf, there’s nothing meek and light about ALVA’s voice. With a sound like Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine, ALVA’s voice is raw and powerful, helping to evoke emotion and connect listeners to her lyrics.

ALVA’s first single streamed in January 2016 with the release of “Let Her Go.” Since then, fans have gathered around the artist with each release for her unique sound and the relatability of her lyrics.

We’ve all been there. Let ALVA take you through love triangles, breakups and the trials of being in love. Be sure to stream the EP and check out the pop artist’s music videos below.

Let Her Go

Rule You

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