Seven Reasons Why Pippi Longstocking is #LadyGoals

Pippi Longstocking (1969)

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Seven Reasons Why Pippi Longstocking is #LadyGoals

Today, we felt it was necessary to recognize one of Sweden’s most powerful women. She may not be the first to pop into mind, but she is the epitome of girl power.

Hint: Red hair, freckles and strength that rallies Popeye…

Pippi Longstocking.

In 1945, author Astrid Lindgren created the perfect role model for young girls around the world. Pippi is immensely independent, self-aware and strong. She’s the girl we all wished we could be like growing up… and it’s because she was a total badass.

That’s right. Pippi Longstocking was one badass mamma jamma, and we should all strive to harness our inner Pippi— today and every day.

Here are seven reasons why the nine-year old freckled trouble maker is the perfect example of a powerful woman.

  1. She is self-sufficient. Pippi is the proud owner of Villa Villekulla. She depends on herself for schooling, cooking and cleaning, which she manages masterfully.


    Home of Pippi Longstocking
    Photo via Christian Koehn


  2. She’s strong. Strong is beautiful and Pippi knows a thing or two about that. Without breaking a sweat, she can pick up her horse and lift him over her head… with one hand.

  3. She doesn’t let people push her around. Whether it’s condescending adults or the town bully, Pippi always stands her ground.


    Pippi Longstocking showing everyone who's boss
    Photo via Shinigami


  4. She’s fearless. Unfamiliarity never keeps Pippi from life.


    Pippi Longstocking quote
    Art: Marloes De Vries


  5. She dresses for herself. She loves the defying-gravity double braids, so she rocks it. If she’s feeling mismatched socks, she goes for it. She’s not dressing to please anyone else other than herself. Slay.

  6. She doesn’t need a man (or parents). Pippi is perfectly content living with Mr. Nilsson the monkey and her horse.


    Photo: AB Svensk Filmindustri


  7. She’s wise beyond her years.


Pippi Longstocking, you go girl. Astrid Lindgren, thank you.

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