Seven New Swemojis That Capture Swedish Traditions And Heritage


Seven New Swemojis That Capture Swedish Traditions And Heritage

Last year, we highlighted our 10 favorite Swemojis, emoji stickers made by Wehay that capture many things Swedish.

Our roundup included some of the foremost representations of Swedish culture like fika, Swedish meatballs and princess cake. Since then, Swemojis has taken suggestions from fans around the world (including the Umgås staff) and added plenty more stickers that represent and educate people about Swedish foods, icons, sports and more.

Here are seven new additions since our last roundup that we’re loving.


This Swedish dish is made of pork blood, milk, rye flour and spices. The congealed loaf typically is enjoyed with lingonberry jam, bacon or fried pork and is the kind of dish you either love or hate, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.



The holidays may be over, but the weather is still chilly enough to enjoy this warm, spiced drink traditionally served with raisins, almonds and Saffron buns. Here’s a family glögg recipe that has been passed down over three generations and is sure to warm you up.


The Nobel Prize

Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel created the prize to recognize high achievements in literature, medicine, physics and chemistry.



Summer, the season that reminds many of long, warm days, the smell of fresh-cut grass and in Sweden, a pungent, sour aroma of fermented fish. Surströmming is a fermented Baltic Sea herring and a staple in northern Swedish cuisine typically eaten outdoors.


Midnight sun

Speaking of summertime, midnattssol or midnight sun is a term used to describe parts of northern Sweden where the sun never sets during some summer days.




Nothing says “spring is here” in Sweden more than Valborg or Walpurgis Eve. On the last night of April, Swedes greet spring with this annual tradition that includes a bonfire celebration. Learn more about Valborg here.



A Swemoji for Swemojis! These stickers are a fun way to spread a little Swedeness via text, social media and on any other outlet used on a tablet or cell phone.



While we still have our hopes set on a lingonberry Swemoji, Wehay has done an excellent job of capturing Swedish traditions in these fun, interactive stickers. Check out the full list of Swemojis and instructions for downloading the free keyboard here.

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