Am I Swedish? 8 Reasons You Might Be


Am I Swedish? 8 Reasons You Might Be

Think you’re secretly Swedish?

One of our most visited posts of 2016 was “5 Ways you Might Secretly be Swedish,” and if you’re still not sure, we’ve got even more ways you can confirm your secret Swedishness.

  1. You can’t get through the day without a mid-afternoon coffee break.

Those who truly are Swedish know what the word fika means… and what a glorious word it is. Americans love their coffee, but we don’t have a word for a mid-day coffee/pastry break. The Swedes do. Fika is a way to break up the day and gather with friends, coworkers and family over a steaming cup of java and baked goods.


  1. Your favorite type of home décor is no décor.

OK, this is a bit of an exaggeration, but Swedes do love their minimalism. If your design esthetic involves clean lines, subdued colors, elements of nature and simplistic, modern design, hop on the Sweden bandwagon. Or better yet, hop on a plane and head to Sweden to check it out yourself. We recently covered a floating hotel coming to Swedish Lapland in 2018, and it is a minimalist’s dream.


  1. You prefer lingonberry jam to maple syrup.

There’s something about tart jam on a fresh stack of pancakes that feels so right. So right it makes maple syrup feel wrong.

Photo: Al Johnson’s


  1. And along that same vein, you only eat heart-shaped waffles.

Maybe you are a diva princess, or maybe you are Swedish. Swedes enjoy heart-shaped waffles, especially on Waffle Day (March 25).


  1. You can eat salty licorice without gagging.

Not sure if you saw our pathetic attempt tasting Swedish candy, but clearly Americans can’t handle Sweden’s salty licorice. Yet, Swedes eat that stuff like candy (it is candy) and think it is delicious.


  1. Your go-to karaoke song is “Dancing Queen.”

“Dancing Queen” is a fire song sung by ABBA, and really, anything from ABBA’s discography would make a go-to karaoke song.


  1. Your holiday beverage of choice is mulled wine.

Egg nog is fine, hot cocoa is good, too, but if you’ve got Swedish blood running through your veins, you’ve probably got Swedish glögg running down your throat come Christmas time.


  1. Your favorite colors are blue and yellow.

No explanation needed.

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