Back to School! Here’s What’s In Our Swedish Lunch Box

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Back to School! Here’s What’s In Our Swedish Lunch Box

Across the country, kids are heading back to school. Some have been back for a couple weeks, while others are soaking in every last minute of summer.

The school lunch is a classic staple, usually consisting of a sandwich – turkey and cheese maybe. Or a PB&J. Add a snack-size back of chips. Throw in an apple or banana, plus some carrots or another veggie (often thrown to the side). And if you’re lucky, a couple cookies or gummy fruit snacks.

Being a Swedish-American digital magazine, we set out to reinvent the school lunch, Swedish style. Here are our picks to make the perfect, Swedish lunch – from the food to the box itself.

Check out this lunch box for the little ones…



And this one for the older crowd.



Whip up this smoked salmon and picked egg salad sandwich for the main course.



And here are your potato chips… or shall we say LantChips



Drop in one of these Swedish juice boxes, which comes in all sorts of fruity flavors!

Gotta eat your veggies! A leafy side salad with toasted hazelnuts and cheese will do just the trick.



And we saved the best for last…don’t forget a thick slice of homemade cardamom cake.




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