ScanFest: 32 Years Celebrating All Things Scandinavia

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ScanFest: 32 Years Celebrating All Things Scandinavia

Photo: Carl Anderson
Photo: Carl Anderson

All the Scandinavian things in one place for 11 bucks.

Yes, please.

And if you happen to have some authentic folk dress lying around the house, put that on, and it’s free!

Vasa Park in Budd Lake, N.J., is gearing up for its 32nd ScanFest, a day-long celebration of all things Scandinavian.

The festival recognizes the rich cultures of the six Nordic nations: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden and boasts itself as one of the largest Scandinavian festivals on the East Coast.

From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 4, attendees can enjoy Scandinavian musical performances, traditional food, artisanal crafts and more.

Here are some of the Swedish highlights: 


  • Jaerv: A Swedish folk quintet with a jazzy-pop sound
  • Maestro Martensson: Combining classical music with comedy…and somehow making it work
  • Telge Glima: Swedish Wrestling…Enough said


  • Heart to Hearth Cookery: Crisp knakabrod made in the traditional way using a brazier for heat on a tile board
  • Wheat weaving: Those delicate Swedish Christmas tree ornaments? It’s done by weaving wheat straw, and Linda Beiler has been doing it for over 20 years



  • Christiansen Scandinavian Food featuring lingonberries and licorice
  • Michelle’s Bistro LLC featuring salmon with dill, semlor pastry and grilled chicken salad with a lingonberry balsamic dressing
  • Susan’s Swedish Coffeebread featuring… Susan’s Swedish coffeebread
  • Swedish Pea Soup/Artsoppa

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