Scandinavian Tradition Of Kulning Showcased In ‘Frozen 2’

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Scandinavian Tradition Of Kulning Showcased In ‘Frozen 2’

When you have an 8-year-old daughter – and 11-year-old son for that matter – you just had to check out “Frozen 2” on its opening weekend.

Without sharing any huge spoilers, we had to share our excitement that a Swedish tradition gets rather lofty play in the mega-sequel to the exploits of Elsa and Anna. (Besides, this one was teased in the official trailers.)

Kulning is an ancient Scandinavian herding call that Swedish women have been doing since the Middle Ages. The yodel-like form has gained in popularity in recent years, notably from the likes of Jonna Jinton and Christine Hils, whose kulning can be heard in the background of the first “Frozen” (listen at the 2:35 mark below).

In “Frozen 2,” kulning plays a prominent role.

According to Variety, “The siren song that beckons Elsa to the mysterious enchanted forest is the sound of kulning, a high-pitched Scandinavian yodeling call that composer Christophe Beck discovered and used in the score of the first film. For ‘Frozen 2,” Norwegian singer Aurora performs an enticing, wordless aria throughout the film.”

The beautiful voice of Aurora also can be heard on “Into the Unknown,” one of the movie’s big hits to be. The New York post called Aurora the “secret weapon” of “Frozen 2.”


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