Say Hello to Santa at Santaworld


Say Hello to Santa at Santaworld

It is only 169 days until Christmas, so it’s time to start planning some special trips to celebrate the season.

We know, we know, you’re probably thinking more about enjoying fresh lingonberry season, but if you plan your trip for August or September, you can experience the magic of Christmas with the best season for lingonberries by planning your trip to Sweden’s world famous Santaworld!

Santaworld, or Tomteland in Swedish, is a fun trip any time of the year!

This magical village, set on 27 acres and surrounded by wooded mountains, opened on December 8, 1984 and is located in Mora Dalarna, Sweden.


There is plenty to do and fun to be had, be it winter or summer. Santa’s helpers can guide you into Santa’s house, Lake Aurora, The Mine (you may learn some of Santa’s secrets here), Tiny Trolls’ house and Nick-Olla’s shack. Santa’s helpers are on call and glad to give you a tour around the village to make sure you don’t miss a single fun event.

While there, you will have lots to keep your hands busy, making gingerbread cookies or watching how mechanical elves make Christmas presents. A woodland excursion might have you finding elves playing  or the naughty ones hiding behind rocks and tree stumps ready to jump out and “surprise” you. Watch out for the trolls who live in the forest surrounding the park, as they are always looking for trouble.

There are plenty of furry friends to see so be on the lookout for reindeer, moose and goats! Fairytale friends also inhabit Santaworld like the sparkle winter fairy, The King and Queen of winter, Dusty The Snowman, Julius the living Christmas Tree, a snow monster or even a witch.

Santaworld is a busy place during the day, but it is even more bustling at night. Since Santaworld is also home to Santa’s workshop, the elves work hard all night long making presents. Working through the night ensures their secrets can be kept safe.

When you visit, make sure to tell Santa that the Umgås team has been extra nice this year.

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