Bags, Backpacks And More From Sandqvist

Photo courtesy of Sandqvist

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Bags, Backpacks And More From Sandqvist

Sebastian Westin; Photo courtesy of Sandqvist

Anton Sandqvist was in need of a good work bag for his computer, and the bags currently on the market just weren’t cutting it.

He took matters into his own hands, and in 2004 he launched Sandqvist, a Swedish brand that designs and fabricates sustainable, high-end bags, backpacks and accessories.

Anton’s younger brother Daniel, along with Sebastian Westin, now brand director, also joined the company later on, as they started designing and manufacturing bags that were more functional and contemporary in look.

“Our biggest influence and inspiration came from our love and interest for the outdoors and the Swedish nature and countryside,” said Westin, who is also a co-founder and co-owner.

Now, 15 years later, the company employs 45 workers and recently reached a milestone of making over 100 million SEK in revenue.

Currently selling to about 35 countries around the globe, the company is based in Stockholm with four brick-and-mortar stores in Sweden, one in London and another in Berlin. The company also stocks its bags online and in stores with 650 retailers.

Sandqvist’s bags are made in India and Vietnam from eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, vegetable-tanned leather, along with recycled polyester and nylon. With a focus on sustainability, its shops have a repair outpost on site to help elongate the lifespan of the bags. It also has a redesigned recollection of bags, which extends the life of their products.

“We use 100 percent organic cotton sourced directly from the farmers and recycled fibers from post-consumer waste in all new synthetic materials,” Westin said. “We provide a transparent supply chain, from cotton field to bag.”

Sandqvist also works with Fair Wear Foundation to support improving workplace conditions in the textile industry, along with Leather Working Group to promote sustainable business practices.

“We will keep making beautiful bags and try to change the way people consume — producing products that last a lifetime and always keep repairing them when needed,” Westin said.

In the future, the Swedish bag maker will look to open new stores as it expands its global footprint.

“We are always looking into new places and new projects where we can build our business and show our product,” Westin added.

More of a U.S. presence may be coming in the future, too, so stay tuned.

“Sandqvist does stock at a few U.S retailers, and the U.S. is actually one of our bigger online customer groups,” Westin said. “If the right opportunity would come up for a New York City or L.A. venue — we might open a store there as well!”

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