Sabina Ddumba: The New Queen of Swedish Soul Music

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Sabina Ddumba: The New Queen of Swedish Soul Music

Photo: Frankie Fouganthin
Photo: Frankie Fouganthin

Quickly rising through the music ranks is an artist still unfamiliar to many.

Since releasing her first single in 2014, Sabina Ddumba has gone from virtually unknown to being presented with Sweden’s Newcomer of the Year award and reaching almost 30 million listens on Spotify with her most popular hit single Not Too Young (2015).

This prodigy wrote her first song at age 10, and although her father wanted her to become a doctor, her love of music has won out. In a promotion for Volvo, she said, “When I was a kid, music was the thing that kept the family together. Listening to music, dancing to music, singing you know, everything.”

Born the sixth of eight siblings, she grew up listening to hip hop, R&B and gospel music. Her intense stare combines with a softness that is cracked like lightning when she belts out flawlessly beautiful words that she didn’t just write. She felt them.

Sabina is electric. And she’s already drawing comparisons to the eternal Lauryn Hill and beloved Mary J. Blige.

Our bet is Sweden’s latest secret won’t stay a secret for long. With her debut album expected later this year, Sabina Ddumba is one to watch.

Keep an eye on this soulful Swede on Instagram and SoundCloud.

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