Round Two: The Ultimate Swedish Bracket

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Round Two: The Ultimate Swedish Bracket

The votes are in, and 32 have become a delicious, sweet and sticky 16. Almost every food advanced to Round 2 of our Ultimate Swedish Bracket, as did a few businesses and Swedes. Honestly what were we thinking pitting Avicii against Princess Cake?

Some were landslides (hello, Pippi), others were tight battles (Zara Larsson beat Minecraft by a mere 10 votes, and Spotify edged Björn Borg by nine). We can’t wait to see what this voting period brings.

Here’s a breakdown of voting dates by round. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest announcements of voting periods.

  • Round Two, March 24-29
  • Round Three, March 29-31
  • Round Four, March 31- April 5
  • Final: April 5-April 8
  • Winner Announced: April 9 

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