Rotunda Returns to Arm Wrestling

Sarah Rotunda gets ready to (arm) wrestle
Photo by Robert Bjork, courtesy of Sarah Rotunda

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Rotunda Returns to Arm Wrestling

She’s back. Sarah Rotunda, whom we profiled late last year (The Toughest Real Estate Agent in America), is planning a return to arm wrestling. On Jan. 2, she shared with her nearly 600,000 Facebook friends a video announcing her comeback and has set her sights on the World Armwrestling League championships in Las Vegas this summer.

Rotunda, known by her maiden name Sarah Bäckman in the arm wrestling world, has won eight World Championships, four with her right arm and four with her left. Her success led her to stints with the Swedish version of American Gladiators and to the WWE’s development division NXT, where she met future husband Taylor Rotunda (aka Bo Dallas).

We’ll be watching as Rotunda – and fellow Swede Niklas “The Steel Giraffe” Nannestad – try to claim world titles this summer.

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