In The News: Reindeer In Sweden Are Running Out Of Food

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In the News

In The News: Reindeer In Sweden Are Running Out Of Food

Editor’s Note: This has been a heck of a Swedish news week. We didn’t include them here, but check out Greta Thunberg’s big Time news and the passing of Roxette singer Marie Fredriksson if you haven’t already.

The Associated Press featured an important story about Niila Inga, a Sami reindeer herder. Inga is responsible for 8,000 reindeer in Kiruna, Sweden, but thanks to climate change and unpredictable weather conditions, his herd has scattered. In one direction, the herd faces predators and avalanches. In another direction, they face a scarcity of food.

According to the article, an early snow was followed by a rain that froze, which has trapped food under a thick layer of ice – preventing the reindeer from getting to it.

Climate change is on Santa’s naughty list.

Also in the news…

It’s Julbord Season

If you’re in San Francisco and are looking for a fancy julbord, PLÄJ only has two weekends left for you to get in on the action. Forbes highlighted Chef Roberth Sundell’s offerings, which include herring, gravlax, potatoes, ham, meatballs, sausage, porridge and more.

Swedish Museum Opens in NYC

We need to update our guide to NYC! Fotografiska, a Swedish photography museum, will open a New York location this weekend. “We’re thrilled to expand globally, and continue to inspire conscious minds through beautiful and thought-provoking photography,” said Jan Broman, the museum’s co-founder. Patch has the scoop on what to expect.

Noble Nobel Affair

While the accolades went to the Nobel Prize recipients, the media couldn’t help but notice the Swedish Royal Family and their bling. The Nobel Prize Award Ceremony was held earlier this week and Harper’s Bazaar has all the fashion details.

A$AP Rocky Returns to Sweden

Just four months after being jailed in Stockholm for a physical altercation, A$AP Rocky hit the stage Wednesday night for a performance at the Ericsson Globe arena. He told fans on social media earlier in the day, “Whoever’s from the hood, they get in for free.” The Associated Press has the story.

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