Peel One Up, It’s Räkmackans Dag! Roundup Of Shrimp Sandwich Recipes

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Peel One Up, It’s Räkmackans Dag! Roundup Of Shrimp Sandwich Recipes’s shrimp sandwich

When we toured one of IKEA’s latest store openings, it might have been 9 a.m., but our favorite dish the kitchen served up was a räksmörgås, otherwise known as a shrimp sandwich. We were thinking back to this delicious meal, because apparently Räkmackans Dag (Oct. 14) is a thing.

We’ve showcased’s recipe for the dish, but we’ve rounded up several others – and highlighted what makes that dish different from the rest.

The Petite Cook

This recipe incorporates cucumber as a smörgås topper.

Lydia’s Flexitarian Kitchen

This one feels more U.S. southern, with the addition of sour cream and hot sauce.

International Menu

This is the plain-Jane version – no garnishes, just dressed shrimp.

Dish ‘n the Kitchen

Uses (GASP!) frozen shrimp, but we do appreciate the added garnish of scallions.


The dressing in this recipe is spiced up with a little Dijon mustard.


This is definitely the fancy version of this dish, everything but the kitchen sink.


This recipe is less traditional and incorporates avocado.

Art de Fête

This is a Danish version of the open-faced sandwich, which adds pickles to the dressing.

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