Prepare for Princess Cake Week

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Prepare for Princess Cake Week

Princess cake
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Loyal readers of Umgas know that we’re partial to princess cake, or prinsesstårta, even if it’s hard to find a traditional version stateside.

The Swedish dessert is so revered that Swedes have an official week for the princess cake – the third week of September.

And why not?

Princess cakes are a unique delicacy: A delicate layering of sponge cake, custard and raspberry jam, topped with a thick dome of whipped cream and capped with a layer of smooth, sweet marzipan, traditionally tinted a subtle tea green. A dusting of powdered sugar and a signature pink marzipan rose often complete the effect.

CNN featured the princess cake among its favorite cakes from around the world in an August story. And Schubert’s Bakery’s version of the cake was among the eight most delicious cakes in San Francisco according to Locale magazine.

So, get ready to eat cake… a week’s worth of princess cake! Hit us up on our Facebook page to let us know where to find the best princess cakes. And be on the lookout for a recipe or two soon!


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