Most Popular Stories (According To Umgås Readers)

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Most Popular Stories (According To Umgås Readers)

One of our favorite things to do on a Friday morning is to take a look at our analytics and see what is resonating with you – our loyal reader. Some weeks we’re surprised at what’s getting clicked on most, other weeks we wished we made bets on Monday because we had clear front-runners for popular content.

Take a look back at 2017’s five most popular articles. Were any of these among your favorite reads?

Tom HanksNo. 1 – Tom Hanks to remake ‘Ove’

Between this and the news that Will Ferrell was going to be in a remake of “The 101-Year-Old Man,” it turns out that you do NOT like it when an original Swedish film gets remade for an American audience – and we don’t blame you! Why mess with Oscar-worthy, Swedish masterpieces?

No. 2 – Hacking up the IKEA Frakta

IKEA hacks are all the rage, and it shows! Our post about repurposing IKEA’s iconic blue Frakta bag into an apron, a dress and a doggie raincoat turned out to be such a huge success with our readers, we ended up doing a second DIY post to satisfy all your IKEA hacking needs.

No. 3 – Our chat with Inger Nilsson

Seriously, who doesn’t love Pippi Longstocking? We got to live out the dream by talking to Inger Nilsson, the actress who played Pippi back in the late 1960s. Our profile of Nilsson talks about life on the set of Pippi and how that impacted her over the course of her life. Nilsson is all grown up and is currently starring in the German series “Inspector and the Sea.”

No. 4 – Hot Swedish men, *sigh*

This was one of those posts we had a feeling would do well. When a post is full of eye candy, how can that not be popular? This roundup of fellas skipped the guys we love talking about (we’re looking at your, Skarsgård family) and highlighted Swedes like Måns Zelmerlöw and Marcus Schenkenberg.

No. 5 – Netflix binging Swedish flicks

If we’ve noticed a trend this year, it’s that you love to hear about Swedish movies – and you love to hate when Americans remake the Swedish originals. This article highlighted five movies that were available to stream on Netflix in the United States, from “Force Majeure” to “The 101-Year-Old Man Who Skipped Out on the Bill and Disappeared.”

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