Eight Photos That Will Make You Want to Adopt a Swedish Vallhund ASAP

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Eight Photos That Will Make You Want to Adopt a Swedish Vallhund ASAP

We’ve written about a handful of Swedish pups. But for some reason, the Swedish Vallhund keeps calling us back. Maybe it’s his short legs. Maybe it’s his Corgi-like body paired with his wolf-like face. Whatever it is, we want one.

The Swedish Vallhund is a playful, intelligent doggo. It excels in performance events such as agility, herding, obedience and tracking, making it a valuable assistant on a farm. While these dogs have a tendency to be “barkers,” Vallhunds do well if plenty of daily exercise is available.

Most important take away? Swedish Vallhunds love their people and want to be with them as much as possible.

And we want to be with them, too.

Here are eight photos that make us want to adopt a Swedish Vallhund of our own.

Name something more majestic. We’ll wait.

Photo: TS Eriksson

BRB…crying. Not the puppy eyes.

Photo: Clare W.

You deserve all the treats in the world, little pupper.

Photo: Shaun Versey

Somehow those legs are getting the job done.

Photo: Ron Armstrong

Squinty eyes and peeping tongue are a deadly combo.

Photo: WestportWiki

OK, one more tongue pic.

Photo: WestportWiki

Ear to body ratio is on par.

Photo: Matt Lemmon

Fluffy, wolf puppy from heaven should be your scientific name.

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