Being a Parent Rocks in Sweden

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Being a Parent Rocks in Sweden

One, two, three.

Earlier this year, Swedish dads got an additional month of paternity leave, giving them a total of three months.

Sweden long has been known for its parental leave policies: Parents can take 16 months, and leave can be used any time before the child turns eight. Dads got one month in 1995. Starting in 2002, fathers received two months they had to use or lose. Now they have three.

During parental leave, parents get 80 percent of their pay to a maximum benefit of about $4,500 per month. Not too shabby.

But parental leave is just one of the many perks of raising kids in Sweden. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Free bus rides with strollers: New parents might have a lot of playdate fikas to get to. Why bother with walking several blocks to get there? In cities like Stockholm, parents with strollers ride free on the bus.
  2. A Childfriendly community: Want to meet other new parents in Sweden? Check out a group like The Stockholm International Parents Meetup Group. All over the country, you’ll find family-friendly areas in malls and parks that include nursing rooms and changing tables.
  3. Long summers: Most Swedes get five weeks of vacation in the summer. Even when your eight months of parental leave are up, parents typically can take long family vacations during July-August. That’s some nice family bonding time.

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