Celebrate the great outdoors – Swedish style

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Celebrate the great outdoors – Swedish style

Put away the ice scrapers, and break out the watering hose – spring has sprung, and we couldn’t be happier!

We’re finally able to sit outside and enjoy the weather, which has us day dreaming of the perfect outdoor space, full of Swedish furniture and décor.

If we had all the krona in the world, here’s what our ideal Swedish patio space would look like.


When it comes to the big stuff, we’re turning to IKEA . We like the look of the Arholma sofa that comes with a matching footstool. The design allows you to move the stool, ultimately changing the shape to meet the needs of your space. We’d also grab a few of these Grenö pillows to give us a little pop of color.

Our patio area is situated under a canopy of large trees. So, of course, we’re going to need a cozy hammock to catch an afternoon nap in – like this one from Vinga Sweden.


Once the weather gets – and stays –  nice, we plan on spending a lot of our time in this space, which means we need lighting for when the sun goes down. We’d string up a handful of these brass pendants from Zero Lighting and we’d also scatter a few of their bottle lights for a relaxing ambiance in our yard.

Under the sofa, we’d lay down one of Brita Sweden’s plastic rugs (in Pemba Sun), which would match the cushions perfectly and easily would hide dirt and pollen.

To keep warm on some of the cooler spring evenings, we’d position a Skargaarden Boo Fire Basket at our feet. We could make a Swedish Torch, but we like the look of this clean, metal fire pit better.


Surrounding our patio space, we’d have linnaea, or twinflower (the national flower of Sweden) growing, but to keep our immediate space bright and green, we’d throw some hardy succulents into some of these statement brass pots by Skultuna. We’d also find a way to incorporate some of these unique planters and lights from FLYTE.

Last but not least, since we’re ready for anything, we’d get a cool Kubb set that when not in use, could serve as a conversation piece but we’d have it on hand ready for a quick game whenever the mood strikes.

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