Our Most Read Stories Of 2018

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Our Most Read Stories Of 2018

Death. Royals. Hot Swedish people. Football. That pretty much sums up our top articles of the year. In case you wanted to revisit, here are our Top 10 articles of 2018.

#1 Swedish Death Cleaning Sweeps the Top Spot

Maybe it was the title, or maybe it was the adorable head shot of Margareta Magnusson, but either way, the author’s book about Swedish Death Cleaning was our most-read story of the year.

#2 It’s a Royal Party in the U.S.A.

Swedes love the royal family, and when news broke that Princess Madeleine and her family were moving back to the United States, readers were thrilled. The Royal family has taken up residence in Miami.

#3 Holy Smokes, ‘Hold the Dark’ Held Your Attention

Thank goodness for Alexander Skarsgård. When we shared the trailer for his Netflix film, “Hold the Dark,” you couldn’t wait to see what it would be about. Spoiler alert, if you haven’t watched it, it’s a super dark and violent film. But if you’re into masks and Alexander, you’re in for a treat.

#4 Flying High in the Sky with a Swedish Pilot

We love a lady who isn’t afraid to interrupt the boy’s club, and Sara Johansson is one of those ladies. She also happens to be gorgeous. Johansson is one of a handful of Swedish female pilots that have received attention this year. And it just so happens, she isn’t the only Swede with wings on this list…

#5 Kicking a Field Goal Straight into Our Hearts

Our sports stories aren’t always the most popular, but you loved reading about Ove Johansson, the oldest player drafted into the NFL and the record-holder for longest field goal. We had a great chat with the 70-year-old, former, NFL player earlier this year where he recalled his record-setting day.

#6 Skarsgård Takes All

Alexander Skarsgård makes his second appearance on this list for when he capped off award season by winning three big awards for “Big Little Lies.” While the man played a less-than-nice character on screen, in his interviews off camera, he showed his kinder, gentler and sillier side.

#7 Underwear. It Gives You Wings.

We told you there was going to be another Swede with wings on this list, but we bet you weren’t thinking about Victoria’s Secret Angel wings. Swedish model Elsa Hosk rocked Victoria’s Secret’s signature Fantasy Bra at this year’s fashion show.

#8 *CLAP* Skol! *CLAP* Skol!

Well, lookie here! Two sports stories in the Top 10 – that’s a first! Our eighth most-popular story was about the Minnesota Vikings’ skol chant. We dare to you watch the video of Case Keenum leading the chant in the end zone and NOT get goosebumps.

#9 What. Is. That?

In one of the grosser stories we published this year, talking about blodpudding took the cake. Not all Swedes like the bloody loaf, but it seems like you got a kick out of one reporter who texted a photo of the loaf to a random number. The poor unsuspecting dude at the other end of that text exchange…

#10 Talk About Questioning Our Abilities

And finally, rounding out our Top 10 is the video of us making (well, attempting to make) a Princess Cake. We got more, “oooh, she tried,” than “oh, that’s amazing,” and we’re OK with that. From here on out, we think we’ll leave it to the experts.

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