Our Favorite Stories Of 2019

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Our Favorite Stories Of 2019

For 365 days a year, the Umgås team gives 110% to bring you the best, the most newsworthy, and sometimes the most buzzworthy Swedish-American news we can find. Sure, we write our share of silly content, but we like to mix in some interview-based articles where Swedish-American voices can shine from coast to coast.

We all have our favorite articles, and sometimes our readers feel the same way (like with our article about Dala horses), but sometimes our most beloved articles fall flat on our fans. Here are some of our favorite articles of the year.

Where do you stand: Were these some of your favorites, too?

Umgås Staffer: Aidan

Out of everybody, Aidan’s favorites aligned most with our readers.

Umgås Staffer: Amanda

Amanda is a cat mom and our resident music lover, which explains why these two made her favorites list.

Umgås Staffer: Casey

Turns out, Casey really loves articles that she can experience first-hand (not that she’s dated a Skarsgård, but she loves a good Buzzfeed quiz).

Umgås Staffer: Evans

Our newest staffer has a soft spot for iconic Swedish figures and landmarks.

Umgås Staffer: Kyra

Kyra likes stories that dive deep into a Swedish-American story (and maybe she likes a glass of wine, too).

Umgås Editor: Sean

Our fearless editor is a storyteller through and through, and some of his favorite pieces this year were thanks to great conversations with interesting Swedes.

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