Our Favorite Stories Of 2018

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Our Favorite Stories Of 2018

Throughout the year, some of our personal favorite stories aren’t always the ones that resonate with you, our readers.

Since we loved these stories so much, we wanted to show you what were our favorite stories this year. We also thought it would be fun to give you a little peek behind the curtain to learn a little more about each one of us (or, at least each one of us who responded by the deadline).

Umgås Staffer: Aidan

Aidan became a star this year when she was featured in two of our videos, but she really took the cake when she attempted to make a prinsesstårta.

Umgås Staffer: Amanda

If you can’t tell by Amanda’s favorites this year, she likes cats, coffee and candy. The three Cs are all you need, really.

Umgås Staffer: Casey

Casey pretty much started this year on maternity leave, and most of her favorite pieces were ones that came to her during her sleepless days and nights while she was away.

Umgås Staffer: Kyra

Kyra has had some pretty great interviews this year, and thanks to her, we had our most-read story of the year.

Umgås Editor: Sean

Sean, our beloved editor, is a people person – which is evident by his favorite stories of the year. The former newspaper journalist loves a good interview.

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