Our Favorite Pieces From Mini Rodini

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Our Favorite Pieces From Mini Rodini

When you’ve seen one baby body suit, you’ve seen them all. Baby boy blues, and pastel pinks. Everything starts to blend together after a while.

But not for Mini Rodini.

This children’s clothier decided to disrupt the children’s clothing market with colors and designs that are so bright and bold, you’ll recognize one of its designs immediately.

Mini Rodini is a Swedish children’s clothing company that was founded in 2006 by an illustrator named Cassandra Rhodin. Pieces that once were found only in small shops in Stockholm are now in more than 500 retailers around the world.

What we love about its stuff is that nothing is cookie cutter. If you look at the “Basics” section of its site, you’ll find bold prints that are far from your standard white or primary colored pieces.

Here are our five favorite infant pieces that we only wish came in our size.

Spaniel Wing Body Suit



Wild Duck Long Sleeve Body Suit

Cat Advice Body Suit

Panther Sweat Suit


Salvador Long Sleeve Body Suit


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