Our Favorite Alexander Skarsgård Interviews Of 2018

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Our Favorite Alexander Skarsgård Interviews Of 2018

Y’all, you know we love Alexander Skarsgård. And if you didn’t, does this, this or this prove it? We also know you love him just as much (if not more) than us.

Admittedly, the dashing, handsome man had a pretty great 2018. He picked up a few awards early in the year for his 2017 portrayal of Perry Wight in “Big Little Lies” and had a consistent stream of acting gigs through the year – “The Hummingbird Project,” “Hold the Dark,” and the TV mini-series “The Little Drummer Girl.” And we’re looking forward to his pairing with Keira Knightley in “The Aftermath,” which hits theaters in mid-March.

A hefty work calendar brings about a lot of press, and we are thankful for it. From late-night talk show interviews to a Vanity Fair video appearance, here are some of our favorite Alexander Skarsgård interviews from 2018.

Alexander Skarsgård Hints at a Return to ‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2

Um, those faces at the beginning? And PLEASE, bring on Season 2!

Alexander Skarsgård Teaches Jimmy Fallon the Swedish Midsummer Dance

We can’t just share the first half of the interview, when the other half is equally good. Also, his description of a Midsummer celebration is one for the books: “Basically, you get together, and you eat pickled herring, you decorate the phallic symbol, you stick it into the ground, you drink aquavit, and then you dance around the pole, and you sing a song about tiny frogs.” Amazing.

Alexander Skarsgård Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters with GQ

In this clip, Skarsgård breaks down his most iconic characters, including his roles in “Zoolander,” “Melancholia,” “Generation Kill,” “True Blood,” “Battle Ship,” “The Legend of Tarzan,” “Big Little Lies,” “Hold the Dark,” “Hidden” and “The Little Drummer Girl.”

Alexander Skarsgård Is Too Swedish To Be Cocky

Unlike someone we know, Skarsgård is as humble as he is talented, making him all the more attractive, as you’ll see in this clip with Stephen Colbert.

Alexander Skarsgård Teaches You Swedish Slang via Vanity Fair

We’ve never heard a Swedish song sound so beautiful. And Alex, we can call you that, right? You never need to sup dig snygg.

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