Olympic Faces: Johanna Mattsson

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Olympic Faces: Johanna Mattsson

Photo: TT
Photo: TT

As the world’s best athletes descend on Rio for the Summer Olympics, Umgås will highlight some of Sweden’s best and brightest.

Today, we take a look at Johanna Mattsson.

Sport – Wrestling

Vitals – 28 years old…from Gallivare, Sweden…wrestles in the 58kg weight class. 

Why You Should Watch – Mattsson is Sports Illustrated’s pick for the bronze medal in the 58kg weight class. Wrestling publication The Predicament predicts she’ll win the silver.

Fun Facts – Mattsson’s younger sister by a year, Sofia Mattsson, wrestles in the 53kg weight class and also is expected to compete for a medal…Johanna Mattsson also is studying law.

Getting Social – Mattsson is on Instagram and Facebook.

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