An Ode To Sweden: In A Series Of Limericks

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An Ode To Sweden: In A Series Of Limericks

Sweden, we love you.

That much is true.

We’ll show it through word,

To have our feelings heard.

This one’s for you, ol’ yellow and blue.

Let’s start with the sights,

Beautiful archipelagos and Northern Lights.

You gave us IKEA,

ABBA and “Mamma Mia.”

Princess cake, kanelbullar and other delights.

You have the lingonberry,

Which isn’t a cranberry, on the contrary.

You have fika with coffee

And Naim with toffee.

And a Skarsgård as “It” – AH, scary.

There’s “Save Tonight” from Eagle Eye,

And “Never Forgot You” on Spotify.

You’ve got Zlatan’s feet.

And balls of meat.

And outlandish antics from PewDiePie.

We’ve got a girl crush on Tove Lo.

But Kalles Kaviar fish roe? No.

Swedish House Mafia to Avicii,

Icona Pop, Robyn and Lykke Li.

And anything from Max Martin is a go.

There’s freedom to roam: Allemansrätten,

With gear you got from Fjällräven.

There’s summer fun at a kräftskiva,

And winter celebrations with St. Lucia.

What else have we forgotten?

It’s impossible to say it all.

We feel like a Neanderthal.

We love everything about you,

From Stockholm, to Malmö to Luleå

With that, we sign off – skål!

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