In the News: Swedish original series coming to Netflix

In the News

In the News: Swedish original series coming to Netflix

In 2018, crime-drama fans will have another thriller to binge on Netlfix called “Quicksand.” According to RadioTimes, this will be the first Swedish original series on the streaming platform.

Camilla Ahlgren, writer of the Scandinavian series, “The Bridge,” is writing the script for the show, which follows a teenage girl who is on trial for a mass shooting at a wealthy Stockholm prep school. The series is adapted from the novel by Malin Persson Giolito.

Also in the news…

Athletes race Sweden’s Archipelago

Earlier this week, hundreds of athletes from around the world raced across Stockholm’s Archipelago during the Ötillö Swimrun World Championship. Swimmers put their bodies to the test by swimming and running 75 kilometers across 26 islands – 65km in the open water and 10km on the trails. The New York Times featured the race earlier this week, focusing on some of the American athletes (the top American team finished in 10:44:46), but we’re still baffled by the Swedish team that beat them all in 7:58:06!

Sweden aims to increase startups

According to Reuters, Sweden will cut taxes for small businesses who are hiring their first employees in an effort to attract talent with a competitive salary. This is in an effort to boost the entrepreneurial spirit and eradicate unemployment in Sweden. Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson reinforces of the plan, “We want to make it possible for these companies to stay and grow in Sweden.”

Aifloo raises more than $6 million

Speaking of Swedish startups, here is one that has been growing exponentially. Aifloo, a Swedish startup we featured that produces smart health monitoring wristbands for the elderly, has raised $6.1 million in new funding, according to TechCrunch. Aifloo founder Felix Etzler says the firm’s next steps will be marketing the service to in-home care companies.

Gustav Svensson helps Sweden qualify for World Cup

FIFA World Cup qualifier for your native country or first-prize battle match in the MLS for a team you love? Svensson went through this dilemma a few weeks back, and he ultimately returned to Sweden to play against Belarus. After celebrating a win with the Sweden national team, Svensson returned to Seattle and was back on the field with Sounders. Svenson told the The Seattle Times, that while he was disappointed to miss supporting his team against the Portland Timbers, he was thrilled to have the opportunity to help Sweden qualify for the World Cup.

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