In the News: The Entire Country of Sweden is Available Through This FREE Airbnb Listing

In the News

In the News: The Entire Country of Sweden is Available Through This FREE Airbnb Listing

Visit Sweden collaborated with Airbnb to create a unique listing that offers wide-open plains scenic country backdrops and views for miles, and all for free, as part of an effort to get more travelers to visit Sweden. The listing offers the entire country of Sweden and lists nine locations to visit – we think this is the best Airbnb listing in Sweden.

Earlier this week, Visit Sweden USA’s president, Jenny Kaiser, told Forbes the locales were chosen specifically “to showcase the diverse geographical makeup of the country.”

Also in the news…

Sweden Wins Gold in Shootout While Lundqvist Brothers Unite

Last weekend, Sweden’s world hockey team beat Canada to win  the Ice Hockey World Championships. In addition to winning gold, the Lundqvist brothers had the opportunity to play together for the first time in 12 years, according to the New York Times.

Stockholm Aims to Save the Bees

Stockholmers can expect to find more bee-friendly zones that will include bee forage and water for bees in hopes to increase bee populations. See how Stockholm officials plan to take steps toward saving the endangered species in this Next City highlight.

Sweden Grants Freedom to Roam

By law, everyone in Sweden has the right to explore almost anywhere in nature and it’s called Allemansrätten. Earlier this week, Tree Hugger covered some of the things you can and can’t do, like where you can swim, pitch a tent and eat foliage.

IKEA designs Furniture Catered to Your Lifestyle

Each year, IKEA sends thousands of employees into homes across the world. Employees study how people live in their home, from when they wake up in the morning to bathroom and eating habits. They use this research to create furniture that caters to lifestyle needs.

Analyzing the research and implementing the findings is a timely process, but has proven successful, according to USA Today.

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