In the News: “The Square” Nominated For Oscar, Beer In Sweden And New Face Chanelle Coleman Törnqvist

In the News

In the News: “The Square” Nominated For Oscar, Beer In Sweden And New Face Chanelle Coleman Törnqvist

Earlier this week, Tiffany Haddish and Andy Serkis announced the nominees for the 90th annual Academy Awards, which included Swedish film “The Square.”

The Los Angeles Times caught up with the film’s director, Ruben Östlund, shortly after the nomination for best foreign film. “What I’m most happy about is that I and all the people I’ve been working with on the film can be happy together,” he said. “It’s really, really a beautiful thing.” Catch the full Q&A here.

Also in the news…

Low ABV is Stockholm’s newest beer trend

In the past few years, the beer market has exploded across the globe. In the United States, strong ales, Tripels and even Quadrupels seem to be the latest trend, some with ABVs more than 10 percent! But, Stockholm’s craft brew scene is taking the opposite route. Between Sweden’s strict alcohol laws and Swedes’ interest in healthier living, local breweries are aiming to spruce up products with low ABVs, creating a new trend in beer, according to the New York Times.

Swedish model stands out at Fashion Week Stockholm

When we think of Swedish models, Elsa Hosk and Petra Silander, blonde and blue-eyed bombshells, typically are among the first who come to mind. During Fashion Week Stockholm, Vogue had its eyes on another model Swedish model whose sultry look and dark, voluminous curls stood out from the rest. Meet 25-year-old model Chanelle Coleman Törnqvist. 

IKEA aims to solve common couples’ problem

Is your partner guilty of stealing the covers every night? IKEA’s newest duvet might be a solution. According to Time, the retailer is launching a “TOG-ether bundle” that incorporates a traditional Swedish sleep trend. The bundle uses two duvets, giving each partner their own, and will be available in the United Kingdom in late January.

Three Swedes in Forbes ‘Europe 30 under 30 in Technology 2018’ list

This year’s Forbes 30 under 30 in Technology list includes three Swedes for their contributions toward future technology: Birk Jernström, co-founder of Tictail; Nick Larsson, head of growth and partnership at Truecaller; and Johannes Schildt, co-founder of KRY. Check out the full list here.

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