In the News: Princess Estelle strikes a pose for Midsummer

In the News

In the News: Princess Estelle strikes a pose for Midsummer

What’s more exciting than seeing the Crown Princess Family of Sweden celebrating Midsummer along with millions of others across the world? The royal family shared photos of Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar, dressed in their Midsummer’s best. Check out a few shots of the adorable royals on

Also in the news.

IKEA Strives to Limit Food Waste

By 2020, IKEA hopes to have cut food waste from its cafes and restaurants by 50 percent in 400 stores across the world. According to Reuters 84 IKEA stores have already implemented an initiative that measures and records how much food gets thrown away when, helping IKEA restaurants be more aware of their waste.

Nordic Cooking Made Simple

According to Swedish Michelin star chef, Niklas Ekstedt, “Nordic cooking is simpler than you think.” In his book, there are several dishes anyone can make using just a wood fire and an iron pan. He shared one of those mouth-watering recipes, Swedish-style leeks and beef rydberg, with The Guardian.

Swedish Expat Shares Brazilian Culture

Learn and experience the Brazilian culture of the Videgal community through the Rio Cultural Interaction program, recently launched by Swedish expat Tavi Norén in partnership with Hotel Mirante do Arvrão. Norén told the Rio Times the program is meant to create a complete Brazilian experience for travelers.

Sweden to Become a Leading Country in Gene Therapy Research

Sweden appointed Xintela as a partner to establish a Center for Advanced Medical Products as part of a larger initiative to advance gene therapy research. Xintela’s CEO told GEN News that Xintela has large potential in cell therapy development, naturally making them a good partner for the project.


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