In the News: ‘Latte Dads’ are the new ‘Ladies who Lunch’

Photo: Baby Bjorn

In the News

In the News: ‘Latte Dads’ are the new ‘Ladies who Lunch’

According to Business Insider Nordic, when it comes to parental leave, new fathers get the same benefits as new mothers, and it’s even frowned upon when dads don’t take their leave. Dubbed “latte dads,” during paternity leave, dads often are out and about with their little ones, grabbing a coffee or going for a stroll.

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Catch First Aid Kit at Coachella

Beyoncé, Eminem and The Weeknd are headlining one of the biggest music festivals of the year, Coachella. While there are more than 100 popular artists performing over the three-day music festival, there is one Swedish folk duo you don’t want to miss, according to Forbes: First Aid Kit. In this Q&A, the duo shares insights about their new album “Ruins.”

IKEA baby names are a thing

It seems like IKEA is “In the News” almost every other week for its innovative kitchen, inspiring new collections and all you can eat Crayfish. What can we say? The world loves its home goods megastore. So much so, “hipster” millennials are starting to name their children after IKEA products. Refinery 29 shares a list of the top IKEA-inspired baby names.

Photo: Andreu Genestra Restaurant

Michelin-star restaurants taking it to the next level

Sweden is home to several Michelin-starred restaurants, putting cities like Stockholm on the map for its culinary offerings. Now, these high-ranked restaurants are stepping it up a notch by working with artisans to create custom tabletop designs to complement the food. Architectural Digest highlights Stockholm’s Frantzén, Sweden’s first restaurant to receive three Michelin stars, for its collaboration with Swedish potter Stefan Andersson.

You can’t eat that…

Earlier this week, BuzzFeed shared a list of foods that are banned in countries around the world, including the 2016 Swedish court ruling to ban M&Ms from Sweden. Number one on the list is Singapore’s law that makes chewing gum illegal, which makes sense. It prevents dirty, sticky, “abc” (already been chewed) gum from littering the streets of a beautiful island. So why are M&Ms banned in Sweden? Click here to find out.

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