In The News: IKEA Business Tip, Feed your Customers

In the News

In The News: IKEA Business Tip, Feed your Customers

The Swedish retailer has honed in on one of its “best sofa-selling strategies:” IKEA meatballs. Fast Company profiled the retailer’s shift over the past several years, where it has significantly grown its food division, satisfying more hungry customers, keeping them happy while they shop.

As a result of their growing enterprise in food products (its food division had $1.5 billion in annual sales in 2013), IKEA is now teasing the idea of branching out into stand-alone Ikea cafes.

Michael La Cour, IKEA Food’s managing director discussed the idea revolution with FastCo, “This might sound odd, but it’s almost something we didn’t notice. But when I started putting the numbers into context of other food companies, suddenly I could see, well, it really is not that small.”

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