In the News: Five Things

Photo via Anders Pettersson; Flickr

In the News

In the News: Five Things

Each week, our editors highlight a handful of Swedish stories that catch our attention.

Minneapolis to Welcome Super Chef Nilsson

Swedish super chef Magnus Nilsson is due to visit Minneapolis next week to talk cooking and photography. Here’s a sweet preview from the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

New Fika Documentary

Swiss filmmaker Fabian Schmid introduced his six-part web documentary on the Swedish ritual fika. Check it out here, and look for a new episode each Monday.

Stutterheim Opens in NYC

The New York Times highlighted Stutterheim, a Stockholm-based outerwear brand that has opened its first U.S. location in NYC.

More on 6-Hour Workday

The six-hour work day Swedes are experimenting with continues to be in the news. This week, the New York Post called it a terrible idea.

A True Doggie Bag

A Swedish restaurant group has created a menu for dogs, who can choose from main courses such as beef and cod, according to The Bark.

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