In the News: Five Things

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In the News

In the News: Five Things

Each week, our editors will highlight a handful of Swedish stories that catch our attention.

The Boss in Sweden

Bruce Springsteen and his bandmates just rocked Gothenburg, a place that holds a special place in the American legend’s hungry heart. ABC News took a look at why Sweden is so special to The Boss – including being the country where he

played his first European gig in 1975.

Hidden Gems

Ever wonder what happens when amusement parks or racetracks shut down? We turn to Red Bull (yes, the drink), which caught up with urban explorer Jan Jörnmark to talk about some often-forgotten places in Sweden.

Sex in Sweden

According to an Associated Press story, it’s been 20 years since the country has done a study on sex. With reports of a decrease in sexual activity, the Swedish government will try to find out what’s going on. We’re guessing Swedes are listening to Barry White’s music less since the superstar passed away in 2003.

Swedish House Mafia Still Not Coming Back

Another week, another rumor that a Swedish House Mafia reunion is in the works. According to Billboard, it’s still not happening. Hey, never say never… after all, it took 30 years for ABBA to reunite for a night in June.

And then, there’s this…

A guy approaches a group of women sunbathing in a Stockholm park. He pretends to be selling magazines and steals one of their cell phones in the process. One of the women happens to be Mikaela Kellner, a police officer and former Swedish Ninja Warrior contestant, who takes the guy down armed with nothing but a bikini.

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