In The News: When DNA Results Lead You To The Motherland

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In the News

In The News: When DNA Results Lead You To The Motherland

The proliferation of DNA testing kits has taken over and is particularly popular come holiday season.

Where most of us receive our results and have momentary intrigue, others may long for a hankering for more ancestral knowledge. And for one writer who submitted an opinion to the Chicago Tribune, he took his DNA test results all the way to Sweden to learn more.

From learning from the Sami to tracing the journey of his great grandfather who immigrated to the U.S., the author recounts his journey through words and pictures.

Also in the news…

She’s just like us…

…in that Zara Larsson also doesn’t always take her makeup off before bed. In a 13-minute video for Vogue, the Swedish singer gives us the scoop on her makeup routine and shares her thoughts on Swedish beauty. “If I were to do my makeup in a Swedish way, it would probably be to have as little makeup on me as possible,” she says.

Air traffic control, are you there?

Turns out at one Swedish airport, they’re not. The Scandinavian Mountains Airport has implemented a remote air traffic control operation that helps to increase safety and reduce costs. The airport uses a variety of technology, including cameras, sensors and augmented reality to get the job done. CNN has the details.

Yeezy not making tweeting easy

A Swedish hockey team, which is ranked near the bottom of its league, got its Twitter account suspended after an old promotional video using Kanye West’s music surfaced. Yahoo! Sports has the story.

Cleaning never looked so good

We love the Swedish dishcloths, but if you’re looking for other eco-friendly Swedish cleaning products, check out this list from Real Simple.

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