In The News: 5 Things

In the News

In The News: 5 Things

Each week, our editors highlight a handful of Swedish stories that catch our attention.

SmorgaSTARTA to make us hungry

Swedish Fish-flavored Oreos, STEP ASIDE. The New York Times gives us the scoop on smorgastarta, “an elaborate Swedish savory sandwich cake … filled with a variety of ingredients, from egg salad to smoked fish.” We want seconds and a few TUMS.

Are Swedish Fish Swedish?

DUN DUN DUN! examines if Swedish Fish, are in fact, Swedish. This is some sweet investigative journalism.

No Hockey World Cup for Zetterberg

It’s not the Hockey World Cup without Henrik Zetterburg. But, unfortunately this year, it will have to be. Sweden’s Zetterberg is out because of a knee injury, reports the AP. Get well soon Henrik.

Sweden’s college students scream and shout

AHHHHHHHHHH! That felt good. Students in Sweden scream nightly at 10 p.m. because of stresses related to higher education. Check out the videos on Business Insider.

The Bike Apartments

No parallel parking or dizzying parking deck? Just take our driver licenses now. A developer in Sweden is designing an apartment building specific for bicyclists, says Fast Company. HGTV International: put this in the queue, k?






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