What’s New With IKEA? A Roundup

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What’s New With IKEA? A Roundup

Photo: IKEA

There is a new IKEA set to open close to Umgås headquarters. Members of our team have moved into new places, others have babies who are outgrowing their crib spaces. And, well, most of us are fanatical about modular furniture. So, you know what that means…we’re already planning a trip down the road for when our new local(ish) store turns on its HEKTARs this spring.

We wanted to see what was new for the mega-retailer to help us get even more excited for our local opening, so here’s everything you need to know about IKEA’s latest announcements.

Reconfigure your sleeping arrangements

Last year, IKEA launched its DELAKTIG line from designer Tom Dixon – a modular couch that allowed you to combine elements to create a sitting space to fit your needs. Well, that series has taken itself to the bedroom. Curbed reports on the newest line that allows customers to take the queen-sized frame and customize to their liking.

Real talk. Will our cats get stuck in these?

Another product hitting shelves this year, in April, is IKEA’s new line of smart blinds called FYRTUR. Fast Company highlights the battery-powered, blackout blinds, which can be controlled one by one or as a group by an app on a mobile device.

Orchestrating a new partnership with Sonos

IKEA and Sonos have been collaborating on a project for some time now, but the first little taste of what, and when, we can expect to see something was just announced. Variety gives us the scoop and shows off a promotional video from the company, which features IKEA and Sonos employees talking about the visceral impact sound and music have on their lives.

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