Musician Jens Lekman Sings About a 3D Model of a Tumor… and It’s Catchy

Photo: Kim Metso

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Musician Jens Lekman Sings About a 3D Model of a Tumor… and It’s Catchy

Photo: Moses

Jen Lekman’s music is bright, often melancholy and just a little weird.

Ok, really weird.

The quirky Swede from Gothenburg is known for his conversational songs about curious life situations, from his first kiss at 19 in “And I Remember Every Kiss” to his offer to be a friend’s faux boyfriend so she can fool her father and date a woman in “Postcards to Nina.”

Good news, indie-pop fans: Lekman is back with new music and an accompanying tour.

Lekman releases “Life Will See You Now” on Feb. 17. For a taste of the album, Lekman released the song “Evening Prayer” via SoundCloud about a man who uses a 3D printer to create a model of the tumor removed from his back the winter before. Yep, it’s strange. But it’s also catchy and includes a delightful disco beat.

Lekman told NPR’s All Songs Considered: “The idea of printing out something that’s as scary as a tumor into its concrete form was something that spoke to me – there is something very liberating about that idea. I think a lot of my anxieties and fears are things that are very abstract. Of the times that I’ve been able to overcome a fear, it’s been by making it something that I can understand, that I can hold on to – just something that’s more tangible.”

Lekman kicks off his American tour on Feb. 23 in Houston.

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